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Jerk California by Jonathan Friesen

Although this book feels a bit scattered and slightly confusing in the very beginning, bouncing around in time periods of the protagonists life, it quickly falls into a nice groove as you are invited into the life of an 18 year old boy with Tourrette’s syndrome living in a “middle of nowhere” kind of country town. Sam has always blamed his problems on his Tourrette’s and, in turn, on his father who died wrecklessly, abandoning him and his mother when he was 2 years old and passing to him this “freak” disease. However, as the book progresses we learn along with Sam that everything that his “new father” has told him about his “real father” is a lie – and we can only see just how bad this “new father” is as Sam discovers this for himself. Sam’s emotional journey is prodded along by a carefully planned road trip mapped out by a very good friend of his “real father” that he ends up taking with a mesmorizingly beautiful girl with problems of her own. This is a very well written book about self discovery that feels a little bit more complex and dense than your average YA book. I would recommend this mostly to high schoolers, but it is certainly not inappropriate for advanced 7th or 8th grade readers.
(Review by Amy Kaplan)

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Dough: A Memoir by Mort Zachter

What would you do if you discovered that your two work-a-holic uncles who you thought were poorer than dirt turned out to have stashed millions away in various money market accounts, in fruit cake boxes and the stock market? You’d scream then get really angry – especially if it happened to you later in life. Especially if it happened when it was almost too late and the government took most of it in taxes. Especially if it was a true story – it is – you must read this slim award winning memoir about dough, the kind you eat and the kind you wish you had lots of. Published as an adult book this wry tale of a dysfunctional family, without any scissors or knives in the closet, delightfully relates the impressions of a teen boy growing up in a Jewish household on the lower east side and working hard to get an education to escape working poverty. One of the other store owners on the block happen on the idea of selling fruit teas – Snapple anyone?  Non-Fiction, 13+ (AWP Award Series in Creative Non-Ficiton). (Review by Kate Colquitt, Greenburgh)

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The Adoration Of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson

Jenna can touch her fingers together but can not make them criss-cross. Her feet drag on the floor as she tries to walk and her memory is full of nothing except enormous encyclopedic information. Nothing feels real about who seventeen year-old Jenna Fox should be. Her family tells her it is because of the accident she had over a year ago. She has just awoken from a coma with perfect skin, a brilliant mind void of any knowledge of her past and living as far away as possible from her original home. She is without a prince to help her awaken from her surreal world until she meets him at her new school. Slowly she begins to unravel the truth behind why she is not disfigured, why she is two inches shorter and why everyone hates her. Jenna doesn’t remember much of her former life and wonders if the faint voices she hears in her memories belong to her or someone else. Fiction, 12 – 16 (Science Fiction). (Review by Kate Colquitt, Greenburgh)

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