Good Enough by Paula Yoo

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Good Enough by Paula Yoo
High school senior Patti Yoon is so busy juggling 7 AP classes, being concertmistress of the all-state orchestra and taking practice SAT exams every night, that she doesn’t really have time to figure out what she wants for herself. Her immigrant parents fully expect her to be accepted into Harvard/Princeton/Yale, but Patti also considers pursuing her music, until her parents explain this career path is “too risky” . Patti soon develops a serious, unrequited crush on Cute Trumpet Guy, who introduces Patti to the world of punk and rock concerts and challenges Patti’s knee-jerk reaction to do just what her parents expect by applying to Julliard without their knowledge. The book is told with a very light tough, with plenty of humor about growing up in a Korean-American household . Amusing chapter titles like How to Please Your Korean-American Parents Part 4 and recipes for Korean food are sprinkled throughout. Who knew that Koreans were big fans of Spam! Yoo thankfully resists the impulse to make Patti’s parents villians and Patti embraces much of her Korean heritage in this affectionate story.
Grade 7 and up Bettyjane Surabian – Rye

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