Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

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20From the title Twenty Boy Summer, one might guess this is a chick-lit novel and it is, but also a bit more. There is a love triangle with a twist; two best friends adore the same boy Mat, but one of the girls, Frankie happens to be Mat’s sister. The other girl Anna, has known both Frankie and Mat all her life. On Anna’s fifteenth birthday her long-cherished wish comes true. Mat kisses her and they fall in love. Up to this point there had been no secrets between Frankie and Anna, but now Mat wants to tell his sister about his new attachment when they fly to California  in a few weeks. He wanted to prepare Frankie and convince her that she was still an important part of the mix. Anna reluctantly agrees to keep the secret but she  confides her feelings in her journal.

Fate is cruel, however, and before the trip to California, Mat dies of a hither to undetected weak heart. Anna decides not to reveal the secret and together she and Frankie mourn Mat for a year. Fast forward one year later, Anna and Frankie are off to California with Frankie’s parents. Frankie has survived a terrible year but now she turns herself into a sex-addicted sixteen-year-old. She bets Anna that they can snag twenty boys in the three weeks they are in California. The two teens sneak out of the house after Frankie’s parents are asleep, prowl beaches that do not have lifeguards, and go to a party that has no supervision. The climax of this novel is the night of the party where both girls get drunk. Anna loses her virginity and Frankie reads Anna’s journal. The sex scenes are not graphic. The book, told through Anna’s eyes, deals with loss, friendships, trust, sexual awakenings, parental responsibilities, and other teen topics. It is hardly a unique effort, but it will keep a reader’s attention.

Recommended.  Lily Hecker, Pelham.


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