Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink

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sisters There are few stronger ties than those of sisters growing up in a motherless household, even more so when the sisters are identical twins. The book opens when Lea and Alice, sixteen years old, bury their father who dies mysteriously. Living with them in the luxurious estate of Birchwood Manor, are their crippled younger brother Henry and Aunt Virginia who helped raise them after their mother committed suicide six years earlier. After the funeral, Lea discovers on her wrist a raised circle in the shape of a serpent. Two other girls in her school have similar markings on their wrists. A spiritualist tells them that they are involved in a world-wide battle against Satan who seeks to return to earth through Lea’s body to lead scores of Dead Souls in a final battle to take over the world. Aligned with Satan and against Lea is her sister Alice. The stage is almost set for the final showdown when this book ends. The depiction of Otherworlds and Time Travel are vivid. The slow uncovering of each clue is overly long, but there is enough suspense to hold the reader’s interest. The Book of Revelation and the mythic tales of plagues and Armageddon underpin this teenage fantasy. Though the reader suspects that Lea will prevail, there is enough interest in the occult, a chaste love affair, and the unraveling hocus pocus to make this an enjoyable read.

Lily Hecker, Pelham.


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