Hold Still by Nina LaCour

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holdTime may not heal all wounds but the pain may lessen. Caitlin begins her junior year in High School in a shroud of grief. Just before school ended last June, her best and only friend Ingrid committed suicide. She left no note. Why didn’t anyone notice? Why didn’t anyone stop her? Why did she leave Caitlin to struggle on her own?

The novel records Caitlin’s thoughts about her feelings, school, family, and friends. Life continues without a pause, even while Caitlin wants nothing but to curl up in her car and vanish. A new student Dylan enters her high school. She is the first person Caitlin reaches out to since Ingrid. Dylan has her own dark moods. Caitlin overcomes some of her depression through photography and by building her own tree house. The adults in this book try to help, but she angrily turns them away. Some months into the school year, Caitlin finds Ingrid’s journal. Caitlin and the reader learn first hand how overwhelmingly sad Ingrid was. There are many YA books about suicide, but this one tries to show survivors how powerless they are to predict or intercede in preventing a loved one from taking her life. Caitlin emerges from her battles stronger and more compassionate.

Lily Hecker, Pelham.


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