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Jump by Elisa Carbone

This YA cliff-hanger, told in one hundred and seventy-three short chapters is full of unexpected twists and turns, then capped off with a surprise ending. Chapters are told alternately between the two main characters. P.K., an intense teen and avid rock climber runs away from a stifling boarding school her parents forced her to attend. Critter, also an experienced rock climber, looking for freedom, runs away from a mental hospital after an improper diagnosis which has labeled him as “a danger to himself and to others.” After a “chance” meeting, they manage to travel across the country, making stops in Nevada and California to climb, have adventures, and discover new trails. The plot ramps up another notch rapidly throughout their journey, as each learns to trust the other and themselves while revealing more about who they are, and learning to battle their fears. Carbone builds a suspenseful, engaging story with characters that grow and readers will identify with even though they may not be rock climbers. This is a good read-a-like for teens that enjoyed Shift by Jennnifer Bradbury. YA – Recommend. Anne Beier, Hendrick Hudson.


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The Eternal Smile : Three Stories by Gene Luen Yang & Derek Kim

Some people don’t like graphic novels, I don’t know why but is sure do love them. I decided to read The Eternal Smile, it contains three awesome short stories each with their own complicated storyline and distinct drawing style. Each main character learns about themselves in a different way, while this may sound really cliche it isn’t. The first story is about a boy living in the middle ages who fights hard for the woman of his dreams. The second is about a money obsessed frog, working 24/7 to get a profit and then discovers a smile in the sky and begins to think of a higher purpose. The final story is of a lonely girl who invites a Nigerian prince into her life. I really hope many people can read this book. You can find it at your local public library. Travis, Grade 8. Briarcliff Manor.

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