Spotting for Nellie by Pamela Lowell

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This is the sequel to Returnable Girl (which 7 wls libraries own) but readers do not need to read the first book in order to get involved with Spotting for Nellie.

This fast paced book reminds me of a combination of the tv shows “Make it or Break it,” “Dawson’s Creek” and the “OC.” Claire and Nellie are sisters who are competitive in all areas of their life especially with gymnastics. In a split second everything changes when Claire and Nellie are in a car accident. Claire who was driving is ok, but her younger sister Nellie goes in a coma and when she awakens has to relearn how to use such basics as a knife and fork, memory loss and other injuries. Readers will feel for all of the characters involved, especially Claire’s best friend Sid and Adam aka Fish a social misfit who are also affected by this tragedy. The story is told by 5 perspectives: Claire, Nellie, Nellie’s brain in the coma, Sid and Adam which make the book a more interesting read. Older Teens will enjoy this story. Tee Cotter, Port Chester


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