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Four children are time traveled into 15th century England, a decidedly chaotic place where the only rule is to support the side of the winning king, whoever he may be at the moment. Brothers Chip and Alex are really the future King Edward V and the Duke of York. They are supposed to be murdered by their usurper Uncle Richard, who crowns himself King Richard III. Their two friends Katherine and her brother Jonah go along to make sure the boys return to the twenty-first century. The episodic story combined with the Lancaster/Tudor history is confusing. The reader would do well to read Margaret Haddix’s notes at the back of the book that explains the history in a linear fashion. There is suspense and mystery when the kids run into the murderous King and his followers. Rewriting history with modern kids as the main characters may not be convincing.  But young readers who like their action stories with an overlay of historical facts may enjoy the second book in this series. The book can stand alone.    Lily Hecker, Pelham.


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