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Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldier : a memoir by Dean Ellis Kohler, Susan Vanhecke and Graham Nash

rockDean Kohler’s rock n’ roll memoir is the true story of how even during combat in the Vietnam war, creating music is still possible. Right out of high school, Kohler gets drafted to Nam. With a record deal on hand, Kohler has a hard time leaving, but having left for the war, his love for music makes it impossible for there not to be music. After being told that he is no killer, but a musician, Kohler takes the time to start a band, get some instruments and make rock n’ roll.  Through adventures of meeting girls, meeting bullets, and meeting each other, the band dubbed The Electrical Bananas find themselves having a bit of rock n’ roll in their war-filled lives. A surprising, heartfelt, adventurous story Rock n’ Roll Soldier is a book that you should not pass on reading. Whether it is war, music, or comradeship, the memoir has something to offer to everyone. Take a look and read this magnificent novel while imagining The Electrical Bananas in concert just for you.
Jenny, 10th Grader – Briarcliff Mannor

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13Published in late 2007, Thirteen Reasons Why is one of those books whose audience becomes its best marketers, and somehow achieves cult-like status among its readers. It is the story of Hannah Baker whose sucide shocks everyone at her school because no one could have predicted that the beautiful, popular Junior would ever take her own life. Sara left behind something that will help some of her classmates have a better idea of how each of them played a role in her suicide: a box of 13 cassette tapes in which she tells her story of hurt, isolation and despair. The box is mailed from one former schoolmate to another, and we discover the tapes along with Clay, who made out once with Hannah at a party, and dreads learning why he is included among those who hurt Hannah so badly. The listening becomes a taut, mesmerising mystery as Hannah chronicles her downward spiral and her final appeal for help. But no one notices.  And no one hears her until the tapes arrive in the mail. By then it’s too late.

Suicide is a difficult topic in teen fiction, but Asher has found a way to make the story compelling and topical and especially painful for both Hannah, and those who have survived her. The final message of the story is hopeful and teens will immediately be drawn to discussing Hannah’s choices and the typical adolescent behaviors that are so often hurtful. Recommended for older teens. John S. WLS

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Chiggers by Hope Larson

Its just another Summer at camp. Old friends return changed, new friends reveal themselves slowly and painfuly while Abby tries to discover where she best fits. Meanwhile she is falling in love with one of the nerds, a dragon master, of all things. In a style as desultory as a summer day, Hope Larson, takes us into the top bunk in the cabin, which is not always as promising a place to be as it might seem. A graphic novel that will appeal to Middle Grade girls and anyone who has been to Summer Camp. (Reviewed by John Sexton, WLS))

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