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Unsettled : the problem of loving Israel by Marc Aronson

aronson1Israelis and Palestinians have been at war even before the creation of the state of Israel in May, 1948. This seemingly insurmountable problem has dogged US presidents from Harry Truman through George Bush. Seldom is there a day without an incident, whether it is a rocket attack, stone throwing, or a suicide bomber. Aronson, a supporter of Israel, tries to present the issues even-handedly. He asks and answers important questions like, Why is Israel hated, How did Israel come to be, Can Israel Occupy Conquered Lands and Be True to Its Ideals, and most importantly for the future, How Can Israel Be a Strong State, a Jewish Homeland, and Truly Democratic. Aronson examines the problems from an American perspective by comparing Israel’s treatment of Israeli Palestinians to our treatment of African-American citizens before the Civil Rights Movement. This short book takes a comprehensive look at thorny issues written for teens. Aronson’s dramatic solution calling for Israel to become a democracy rather than a theocracy is a long way off. By showing both Israel’s and the Arab’s strengths and weaknesses, Aronson has done a good job explaining how and why each side regards the other and what needs to be done to change the battlefield.  
Lillian Hecker – Pelham

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