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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

frankie1When Frankie discovers that her formerly all-boys prep school has a secret society whose past exploits seem a dim memory and its reason for existence reduced to lame pranks, she takes it upon herself to mastermind the revitalization of the group and its aura of mystery. Yet she does this from the ‘outside’ because the group, headed by her hot-but- aloof senior boyfriend (Frankie is a sophomore) will not accept females. Nor will her boyfriend admit to Frankie that the secret society even exists. Frankie creates a series of pranks that society members believe are the schemes of one of their own, and Frankie seems happy enough to let it be so. Until that boy is caught and faces expulsion. Frankie has found the strength to be the equal of the most talented boys in her school, but does she have the strength to expose herself as the perpetrator of the pranks?The book is intelligent (mentioning Focault and prison theory) and smart (think John Green), full of witty dialogue and clever pranks. I found Frankie to be too manipulative to really care for, but her learning to stand up for herself and coming to terms with the cost of popularity and romance with cutest boy in school ring true. Girls will likely love it. John S. WLS

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