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Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor


When I started reading this book, I didn’t realize that it was a collection of three short stories (or three quite long stories or very short novels is more like how they felt). The first story was so engaging that I hated for it to end and was worried that the next story wouldn’t pull me in – but, I shouldn’t have worried because the next story and the third story pulled me in just the same. The stories bring you into worlds where humans must make deals with the devils — souls and happiness in the balance. Teenage girls are at the center of each story – all of them trying to lead to regular lives while their families harbor dreadful secrets that make them anything but “normal.”

In the first story we meet a girl who longs to be noticed and popular when she finally meets a gorgeous boy who likes HER and when he offers her everything that her grandmother warned her about her entire life, she’s not sure she cares…In the second story, a deal is made in Hell to save the lives of hundreds of children in exchange for a curse on one baby born who must not ever make a sound, for her voice will kills anyone that hears it. We meet this girl when she is grown, yearning to sing, and beginning to doubt if the curse is real….In the final story a mother has managed to hide a dreadful past from her daughter but her daughter turns 17 and wakes up to the sounds of howling wolves, one of her eyes a different color, and memories that aren’t her own and both of them are suddenly on the ran with the past revealed and horrors of the future before them…

I would only recommend this to high school kids and wish that the title was better…also, in this proof copy it looks like there are plans for extensive artwork that I am not sure are necessary, but obviously cannot judge since they aren’t there yet. However, from someone who found Twilight to go on too long and be annoyingly predictable (Dare I admit this? And I only read the first one…), these tales are anything but. Definitely recommend them to teens looking for that “horror-meets-fantasy-meets-romance” experience.

Amy Kaplan, Briarcliff Manor


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How to Build a House by Dana Reinhardt

Harper’s life as she knew and loved it is completely turned upside down when her dad divorces the only mom she’s ever known. Not only that, but her efforts to keep her sexual relationship with her best friend as “casual” as he seems to be able to do is proving nearly impossible and taking a real emotion toll on her. In Harper’s efforts to escape it all, and do some good in the meanwhile, she signs up for a teen summer program out in Tennessee to build a house for a family in need. The summer that she thought would help her escape and be completely alone ends up bringing her into close relationships that could change her life. This is another winner by Dana Reinhardt, proving again that “chick lit” can be fun, light and easy to read while dealing with heavy themes and thought provoking issues at the same time. (Review by Amy Kaplan, Briarcliff Manor Library)

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Chiggers by Hope Larson

Its just another Summer at camp. Old friends return changed, new friends reveal themselves slowly and painfuly while Abby tries to discover where she best fits. Meanwhile she is falling in love with one of the nerds, a dragon master, of all things. In a style as desultory as a summer day, Hope Larson, takes us into the top bunk in the cabin, which is not always as promising a place to be as it might seem. A graphic novel that will appeal to Middle Grade girls and anyone who has been to Summer Camp. (Reviewed by John Sexton, WLS))

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Kendra by Coe Booth

Kendra is fourteen years old, the same age her mother was when she had Kendra. Now, for the first time, it seems that her mom is going to be a presence in her life. Kendra has been raised by her granmother while her mom continued her education and has remarkably just earned a doctoral degree. Now with her mom looking for a teaching position in the city, Kendra is certain that she will soon be able to move out of her grandmother’s house and in with her mom.

But that doesn’t seem to be in her mother’s plan, especially when her mom rents a tiny studio apartment and seems to have more time for her boyfriend than for Kendra. But Kendra can barely stand the oppressive vigilance of her grandmother, who is determined that no boy will derail Kendra’s life – no way will she be get pregnant!. Of course, Kendra falls hard for an older boy at school and is unable to resist his sexual advances. Will family history repeat itself, or can Kendra learn from her mom’s choices?

As she did in her first book, Tyrell, Coe Booth hones in on an common but undertold story and crafts it with sharp dialog and believable characters. Kendra’s struggles to find her way though complex family entanglements and adolescent desires are compelling and believable and should attract many readers. (JS)

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