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The Miles Between by Mary E. Pearson

milesDestiny lives her life in isolation, never staying at more than one boarding school for too long – since the ripe age of seven. She prides herself in her gift of paying attention to details – How does each person eat their breakfast? What else happened on this exact day in the past? There is no such thing as coincidence. As the book unfolds, you learn more and more about Des and start to understand why she is so scared to get attached to anyone, to make friends. Her parents left her when she was little and never came back, right after they had a new baby — who they kept. A mysterious Aunt visits her regularly but cannot adopt her; and all of Des’s hope hangs on her Aunt’s visits. One October 19th her Aunt can’t make it and Des starts to feel herself falling apart, again. She yearns for a day when, for once, everything might be fair and just and when she happens upon a car on the lawn with a key in the ignition and the door open, she thinks maybe that fair day is this day — all she needs is someone who knows how to drive. A road trip is born when three other students end up getting in the car and the four of them decide to drive to the closest big town two hours away. Although I didn’t find this to be “the best” novel, it was one I found hard to put down and couldn’t wait to get back to. The more it goes on, the more you want to know just what happened to Des and how much she will reveal to these students who actually become her first friends. The poetic self-reflection is a little bit much for my taste, but it is a well written interesting book that would work well for book discussion groups.

Amy Kaplan, Briarcliff Manor


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Very LeFreak by Rachel Cohn

cohnAuthor of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Rachel Cohn, once again is able to make a seemingly trite storyline become a have to read plot. In this day of age, it is almost impossible to live without technology- in fact many people find it hard to not use technology for more than one day. In her new book, Very LeFreak, Cohn creates a fun, wild, technology obsessed, formerly known as Victoria, girl. After a series of upsets and mishaps- including many ruined relationships, and almost killing one of her friends, Very is sent to get rid of her addiction to technology. However, her journey to get rid of her addiction also led her to dig deep into herself and find the true Very. Funny and touching, Very Lefreak is definitely a must read, and who knows, after reading, you may even find yourself questioning your technology obsessions! (Coming Jan, 2010)

Jenny, 10th grader, Briarcliff Manor

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Sphinx Princess by Esther Friesner

sphinxNefertiti captures your imagination from the first page in Esther Friesner’s Sphinx Princess. Proud and independent Nefertiti is considered the most beautiful women in all of Egypt. However when she catches the eye of her Aunt Tiye her life is turned upside down. She is forced to move into the royal palace and given a marriage sentence. Whether she wants to or not at the end of three years she will marry Thutmose, who will become Pharaoh when his father dies. While this is the dream of every Egyptian girl, Nefertiti must survive in the palace in her worst nightmare, marriage to a demon in disguise. This was a wonderful book, and I would recommend it to all readers, because when you read this book everything else just disappears.

Gracie, 10th grade, Briarcliff Manor

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All Unquiet Things by Ana Jarzab


All Unquiet Things is Anna Jarzab’s first book. Though beginning with a slow start, after the first part, the novel is impossible to put down. It takes a hold of you and makes you wonder in suspense. Who killed Carly? Why did she die? Neily and Audrey, an unlikely pair of new found friends try to untie the mystery of the murder of Carly- friend, girl friend, and cousin. You may think you know who it is, but the twist is mesmerizing.

Jennny, 10th grade, Briarcliff Manor

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The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade


I thought that the book was good. The suspension set a good pace which kept you in the book. The plot is also very interesting and original.  8 on a scale of 10!

Nick, Grade 10, Briarcliff Manor

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